Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still alive

Greetings all - we've neglected this poor blog. I'd like to say we've been diligently moving in, but that's not entirely accurate. Some quickie updates:
  • We are moved in to the new house and are functional. The house is wonderful - sure the quirks are there but it's great. Stephen loves it, especially having all this baby stuff out now to explore (again, though he doesn't remember it).
  • Stephen asked to get out my old trombone. I showed him what to do and he blew a good, fairly clear note! He really loves moving the slide to change the pitch. It's humbling to know my 2 year old has a much better start on an instrument than I did.
  • Deacon training goes on. The schedule is not fixed, so I don't know exactly how many more weeks we have. We've mostly gone over doctrine and read some articles and short books. The part I've enjoyed most is getting to know my fellow candidates.
  • We've had some more folks visit at church including couples with small kids. I confess I rather hope they join - partly because some are generally from our area and we miss having that fellowship with good friends around our age.
  • The semester has started again here at WCU and it's quite hectic these last two days. That will settle down shortly (I hope) and I can get back to the bigger, less urgent things.
  • The WCU Bible study is starting up again. We're adding some group singing this year. I'm very excited that there is a stable group as a foundation to start an RUF here.
  • Kristy is feeling fine, and our little girl is fine too. We're excited about starting the 3rd trimester.
  • Bluebell ice cream was recently on sale for $3.48/half gallon at Ingle's. That's always good, and a good price for around here.
Basically, God is very good to us - far better than we deserve!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Goodbye Rent, Hello Mortgage...

After 8 years of renting, we've closed on our house! We're mostly packed and should be moved within a week! After getting the keys, we went by just because - Stephen walked in and said, "Ah, this is wonderful!" He is excited to have stairs. I am excited about the heat pump and dishwasher (yes I do feel spoiled when I admit to that...). Lee is excited about the much smaller yard to mow. So we're all very happy and thankful.