Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nickles Life this Fall...

Summer is over, and we're settling into our routine. We have fun things going already and lined up...

Stephen started school (Pre-K at a nearby church in partnership with a Christian school) on August 17. His teachers have been very sweet, and he enjoys it as usual. He has one good friend from whom he is always being separated. Boys... He goes MWF, 9-12. I work MW, so I have Friday mornings with just Lydia.

I'm also doing some "school" things at home to supplement pre-school and to transition into homeschooling next year. So far, we're working on reading, writing, math and science. Science mainly consists of library books on topics in which Stephen shows interest; the current book is on rocks and minerals. The boy loves rocks!

Both kids are in Kindermusik this semester. I've learned that the teacher loves to barter, so I've been doing various things for her in exchange for Kindermusik time! Lydia will enjoy her class more once she gets over shyness; she's pretty typical in that she does many of the motions, etc at home but not in class. Stephen has just moved up to the Young Child level, and he'll be working on the glockenspiel by the end of the semester.

Stephen is having a good time in general. It is interesting to see him be imaginative (ideas, songs, games, etc) and give the credit to his imaginary friend, Friend Octopus. Today, Lydia and I were test subjects for his new invention, which was supposed to "take our dreams out of our minds and put them into the books" that were next to our heads. It took him a while to test since the 'generator' appeared to be having issues. He's a lot of fun!

Lydia is moving forward in the world of communication. She is definitely in the echo-itis stage of talking. She calls Stephen, "See-see," and herself, "Ya." She makes the cutest animal sounds and makes a decent attempt at any word I ask her to repeat. She loves to cuddle, which her parents don't object to at all. One thing that gives me 'concern' is that she loves to try to do exactly what Stephen does. :)

Of course, our fall will be quite different than I had planned after the loss of Silas. Lydia has no clue what's gone on, and I've seen how abstract this experience is for a 4-year-old through Stephen's processing. We tried to be clear with him all along but would realize after various comments from Stephen that we hadn't been clear enough. I think he understands now, but just doesn't have the experience to "feel" it the way we do or to mourn someone he's never met. For me, I am on an overall, upward trend with the occasional dip. I know so many have been praying - thank you!

Sorry for the length of this post, for those who are still reading! Maybe I'll be a regular poster - some day...

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


There are so many things, big and small, to be thankful for in life. I just want to publicly list a few that come to mind this evening.

  • Kristy - she's an awesome wife, the most rational woman I know, and she takes good care of me
  • Stephen and Lydia - they're a handful and I love them dearly
  • My time at Clemson - so many friends and memories
  • My friends here - they've loved on us so much lately
  • Papa Johns - they opened here on campus yesterday and I brought home an extra large sausage pizza (the only kind they were making). I even had to ask for the garlic sauce. But it was sooo good and made me think of all the pizza I ate my freshman year
  • The tent equipment some friends gave us - Stephen and Lydia have loved having it
  • The Incredibles - a great, fun, thoughtful movie that's had a lot of play in the house lately
  • Elders that care - enough to come see you in the hospital in the next county
  • The Psalms - they speak to emotional highs and lows and return your focus to God
  • Revelation - summary: Jesus wins.
  • A job - one that I enjoy, even during the long days I've had lately trying to stay caught up
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway - it is so great being close to this and just getting on and stopping as you please. It's also close to...
  • Barber's Orchard - they have the best pies and apple turnovers - made by hand by grandmothers!
There's so much more, but God has blessed me and our family so much, and for this I am truly thankful to Him for providing joy and delight.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Memorial Service

The memorial service for Silas was this afternoon. We just had a few family come visit for it - a small group. Our pastor had a brief but profound worship service for us. I am thankful to reflect on God's purposes, which are higher than mine, for all my children. Silas is busy praising our Lord now, which is a great and high calling. And, he never had to go through all the pain and trouble of this life.

Yet I certainly still grieve at his death. There is a particular kind of pain in burying your own child.

I can't thank our friends and family enough for all the love expressed in various ways. I pray God would reward you because I am not adequate to do so.

Soli Deo Gloria.