Wednesday, September 09, 2009


There are so many things, big and small, to be thankful for in life. I just want to publicly list a few that come to mind this evening.

  • Kristy - she's an awesome wife, the most rational woman I know, and she takes good care of me
  • Stephen and Lydia - they're a handful and I love them dearly
  • My time at Clemson - so many friends and memories
  • My friends here - they've loved on us so much lately
  • Papa Johns - they opened here on campus yesterday and I brought home an extra large sausage pizza (the only kind they were making). I even had to ask for the garlic sauce. But it was sooo good and made me think of all the pizza I ate my freshman year
  • The tent equipment some friends gave us - Stephen and Lydia have loved having it
  • The Incredibles - a great, fun, thoughtful movie that's had a lot of play in the house lately
  • Elders that care - enough to come see you in the hospital in the next county
  • The Psalms - they speak to emotional highs and lows and return your focus to God
  • Revelation - summary: Jesus wins.
  • A job - one that I enjoy, even during the long days I've had lately trying to stay caught up
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway - it is so great being close to this and just getting on and stopping as you please. It's also close to...
  • Barber's Orchard - they have the best pies and apple turnovers - made by hand by grandmothers!
There's so much more, but God has blessed me and our family so much, and for this I am truly thankful to Him for providing joy and delight.

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