Saturday, February 16, 2008

Still Alive

Yes we are still around. An update on us:
  • Lydia is growing! She smiles, coos, squeals, and easily holds her head up.
  • Stephen is still having a great time at pre-school. Potty training is...progressing
  • Kristy is well and glad to be back at work
  • I'm good - I have a new administrative assistant who is VERY technically competent, so she's taken quite a bit of everyday work off me so I can work on the bigger picture things
  • I went to New Orleans for a conference a few days after Mardi Gras. The conference was good - I'm not sure I can recommend the city unless you like to drink. A lot. I like spiritous beverages, but not that much. Still, the food REALLY wow. (Biggest disappointment - not having enough time in the Houston airport to stop and get a Shipley's doughnut)
  • Stephen started Kindermusic. He goes once a week and has very much enjoyed it. I'm continually surprised at how good his pitch is (for a 3 year old) when we sing. I hope he got the best of our musical genes
  • Our search committee found a pastor and he's accepted the call. Yay! I get my Sunday afternoons back!! The committee worked well and I look forward to having our new pastor minister with and to us.
Oh, and Lydia knows how to work her daddy. A few days ago Kristy was holding her in the kitchen and I walked up to her to look at Lydia. I held my hands out to her as if to take her and Lydia started jerking in my direction. Ahhh - she warmed this dad's heart! Of course she was indicating that she wanted to come to me.