Friday, January 21, 2011

Philip's Birth Adventure

First, the announcement for those who may not have seen: Philip McLeland Nickles was born 12/16/2010 at 1:46 pm. He weighed 9 lbs even and measured 20 3/4 in. long.

Tuesday, 12/14 - Appointment with doctor. Everything looked fine, and she seemed indifferent regarding an induction at that point. While I had an overall good induction experience with Lydia, I wanted to avoid that with Philip. However, the weather was weighing heavily on my mind. The previous weekend, we had a few inches of snow - it wasn't too bad, but, at the worst of it, going to the hospital would have been difficult and getting the kids to SC would've been even more so. Sad to say, the weather motivated me to schedule an induction for 12/17 (I wanted 12/16, but it was unavailable :) ).

Wednesday, 12/15 - Stephen and Lydia go to Greenville that afternoon. Lee and I decide to have a date night - dinner at Nick and Nate's (I have the spicy Kickin' Chicken sandwich in my last effort to move things along) and a movie (Harry Potter!). We drove home through wintry mix and slushy roads.

Thursday, 12/16 - c. 4 am, I awake with back pain - walking, water, etc have no effect. I was thinking this was it! By 6:00, I can no longer walk around and get my last minute things done. My contractions' strength and spacing are such that I decide to call at 7:30 and not wait for the office to open; midwife calls back and tells me to head to hospital.

8:00 or so, Lee has loaded and warmed car, and helps me over the super slick ice that is our yard to car. That's when we looked at the road and saw ice! Not thin, difficult-to-see ice, but thick ice that Lee could break into large chunks. Our road has quite a slope; icy slopes and our vehicles don't mix. The temp was almost 32 at this point.

Lee shovels the road - I think mainly to have something to do - until he realizes there's no way. I call Labor and Delivery and tell the nurse that we're not on our way and then lie down to try to slow things down.

Around 10:00 - Lee sees that road's ice is beginning to melt but will still be a while. He decides to call 911.

15 minutes later - The Cullowhee rescue squad begins to arrive. Very quickly there are least 5 male strangers around me in my living room listening to me talk about my contractions.

Soon after that - 4wd ambulance arrives. By this point, I definitely need help walking outside. Two people help me to the ambulance. Meanwhile, Lee is scrambling to move essential bags from the car to the ambulance. Lee rode in the front, but I must have asked 5 times whether he was there - we were NOT leaving without him!

On the way down our road - Lee realizes that the traffic resulting from our 911 call cleared our road enough for him to drive down in our car. Oh well.

11:00 - We arrive at the hospital. I am 7cm dilated. Labor continues naturally (another blog post to follow).

1:46 pm - Philip McLeland Nickles is born!! Whew!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Month Old!

In honor of Philip's one-month birthday on Sunday, here are pics of all three at one month old.



Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: God's Technology video

My wife was given the opportunity to download a free copy of God's Technology, a video about training our children to rightly use digital technology. It is produced by HeadHeartHand and features David Murray, a professor at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Here is a review.

Dr. Murray presents some guiding principles in how Christians should think about digital technology and some practical steps to guide children to learn how to use them.

Some things I particularly appreciated:
  • He points to God as the ultimate source of digital technology and social media, and that He is to be thanked for them. 
  • Training our children in how to use digital technology doesn't just focus on behavior, but on the heart. He encouraged interaction with our children about their online habits, both good and bad. 
  • Digital monitoring tools are good supplements, but do not replace in person supervision, interacting, and good modeling.
As for the production, it is clean and professional. The visuals support the talk well without being distracting. My one complaint is putting in the animated clip about social networks in the middle of this video. I'm not sure it is necessary, and going between different production styles is jarring.

Overall though, I recommend the video for the practical advice that can be used with any age child on godly use of digital technology.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Blog for Technology & Theology

Greetings all - I've started a new blog: A Theology of Technology

You'll find it here:

It's a place to put my various thoughts on how to think about technology as a Christian.  Please come look if you're interested.