Thursday, January 27, 2005

Deprivation Experiment

My wife and I are trying a little experiment this week. I'm (trying) to give up Internet surfing (i.e., reading FoxNews, Slashdot, and multiple blogs) and she's giving up having the T.V. on randomly. Just for this week. I confess I'm not doing so well. I went to Wikipedia to look up something for work, follow a link or two, and find myself reading up on the Apollo space program (which is absolutely amazing and inspiring to this engineer, by the way).

In fact, making this post might not pass the test. Oh well.

My intention is to cut back on ways that my wife and I spend our time that don't really accomplish much, or at least don't accomplish goals for ourselves and our family. True, I may learn something new from Slashdot, but probably not. I can get my news from the newspaper. I feel like there are so many other things I ought to be doing - especially so many books I want to read.

I am probably (as usual) too hard on her, but I hope that this week will wean us away from all the surfing and make us more thoughtful about how we use our time.

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