Saturday, September 17, 2005

Nurturing the Little One

Kristy was out late last night so I had "Stephen duty." I gave him a bath and put him to bed. Our routine is get the passie, read 2-3 books, read a Bible story (from a children's bible), pray, turn out the light, sing a song and rock, and then in to the crib. Lately, we've been doing Jesus Loves Me, and sometimes I am Jesus' Little Lamb (warning, annoying MIDI).

Last night Stephen was a bit fussy and cried for about 10 minutes after I put him down. I went back in and rocked and sang some more. This time, Amazing Grace and Abide in Me did the trick, along with a bit more Jesus Loves Me. I was thinking about how little Stephen really understands of these lyrics, though he certainly enjoys hearing singing. Still, I sing on. Because I love him. I want him to be comforted, so I sing songs that give me comfort. I want to impress on his mind even now these songs of God's grace to us.

I read this recently and it made me think about what I'm doing to work on Stephen's soul (yes, yes, the Holy Spirit working through me, etc.). Will he remember the songs he doesn't even understand? Or will he remember when I lost my temper at him going through the kitchen trash (for the zillionth time that day)? May God give us both His great mercy.

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