Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PCA Logo Contest (of sorts)

Barlow Farms is having a contest to design a logo for the PCA. Go to his blog for the procedure. I have no skill in this regard - I designed an RUF t-shirt once, but I won't claim it was that great. However, I would love to see some visual identity for our denomination.

Considering the wide variety of churches and cultures in our denomination, this is a challenging task. Even more so, since there are apparently no budgeted funds for the denomination to accomplish this.

I read an interesting book (by two Catholics) a while back about symbols that have been used in the church. I hope the new logo wouldn't ignore the Church's rich history in this area (though avoiding the worst parts). The fish, the cross (in all the various forms), Chi-Rho, and Alpha-Omega are just some I would mention. Having been a member of the ARP I admit I admire their denomination's logo.

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