Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stephen's First Basketball Game

Last night was free staff/faculty night at the WCU men's basketball game. The whole family went and we had a great time! Stephen enjoyed the buzzer, the cheerleaders, the buzzer, the game itself, the buzzer, the seats that fold up, and the buzzer. We left just after half time as we want Stephen in bed at a decent hour. We have a very nice facility here and it was far from uncomfortable. Games are cheap so we plan to go see some more.


Andy P said...

lol. I've seen several concerts in that facility and participated in several math contests there but never seen a b-ball game!

Krajca Family said...

That's great!

Curtis says give Stephen about ten years and his interest level will be cheerleaders, the game, the cheerleaders, the buzzer, the cheerleader, the food, and the cheerleaders. :-)

And since you'll be ahead of us by just over a year, you can let us know how to deal with that.

Miss you guys!