Thursday, June 21, 2007

Praise God for our Keys

Yes, we are back from vacation, which was great. Stephen had a blast at the beach and visiting all his grandparents. I'm sure Kristy will blog sometime soon about it all.

One story - we went out to eat in downtown Sylva last night at Mill and Main (very good, by the way) and walked around a bit after. When we got back to our car, we all get in as usual, but as I was getting in, I drop my car keys. This would not have been a big issue had we not been parked over a large storm drain in the street. Yes, my keys went through the grate to rest about a foot and a half under it in the muck. I could see them, but couldn't reach through the grate, nor move the grate. Did I mention that Kristy had not brought her keys? So, we were stuck.

Thankfully, I had some bungee cords in the trunk, which I got out and used to try to hook the keys and pull them up. After probably 15 minutes of trying, I found the right cord with the right hook (and the right bending from me) to snag the keys. Praise God that we got them back without having to call someone.! I'm not even sure who I would call. I can hardly believe I dropped them, much less got them back.

Moral: don't park over a storm drain, but if you do, always carry bungee cords with you (though a coat hanger would have been better).

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Krajca Family said...

So funny!

I read this, and thoguht how lucky we were to not have any key issues.

Check out our blog for the rest of the story!