Thursday, November 15, 2007

Installed Deacon

Yes, I am now “Deacon-Lee” (har, har). I was elected, ordained (as a deacon – gotta do it again for the different office apparently), and installed. We have a great group of deacons. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. And now, down to business! We have the disadvantage of starting from scratch as there were no deacons in the church at the time we were elected. So, we’re not just going to figure out how to get the mower to start, but how to set some policies on our activities.

It’s times like this that I’m thankful for the connections we have in the Presbyterian form of church government. We can ask our nearby churches in our presbytery about how their deacons work. We’ve also starting making plans for a “field trip” to other churchs’ diaconate meetings to see how they do things.

We also have one of those great problems for a church to have – we’re running short on space in our building for what we want and need to do. And that is a deacon problem.


Kelley said...

Daddy and the other deacons at Northside are working on space issues there as well. The church is growing so they are looking into building on to the church. Good luck to all of you as you figure out the whole deaconing thing. :-)

Jeff said...

New job. New house. New baby. New office. You don't slow down, do you? :)