Friday, December 14, 2007

Lydia at 1 month

Earlier this week, I took Lydia for her checkup. After all the concern from doctors with her weight loss and slow gaining (early on), she was 10 lbs 4oz and 23.25 in. That is a pretty big jump in her percentiles! The only concerns were some vomiting (it has gotten less - probably over-eating) and her left hip has a click - a symptom of a dislocated hip.
Two days later we had an ultrasound done of her hips. It felt strange being in an ultrasound room with a baby outside of me! The two technicians who looked at her said that the joint looks fine (but also heard the click), but I haven't heard the "official" report. I'm glad we go back at 2 months so we can follow up.

It is so cute to watch her with Stephen. Lydia's expression when Stephen's playing with her is great - I wonder what she's thinking... We're still teaching him how gentle he has to be, but once we teach him with specific actions (how to hug, pat, etc), he's pretty good to remember. He does enjoy loving on her and he is good help (usually). I didn't know how fun it would be watching their relationship develop!

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Beth said...

Aren't siblings precious? My boys adore each other.