Sunday, August 31, 2008

Update on Us

Greetings all - our apologies for being so silent. For the handful (or less) that still actually check this blog, here's a Nickles Family update.

  1. The Holden Beach & Helen, GA trips were good - and seemingly too long ago. The kids had a great time
  2. Lydia said "ma-ma" about a week and a half ago. "Da-da" soon followed (after some intense coaching). She scoots but doesn't crawl yet. She knows how to work her daddy. When I get home she starts flailing her arms and making noise - how can I help picking her up? There's a few more weeks until our friends can keep her while Kristy goes to work, so Lydia is going to work with her in the sling - and doing very well.
  3. Stephen started pre-school again. We didn't get in back at Cullowhee Kids where he was last year (limited space), but a local private school (Heritage Christian Academy) started a PreK class this fall and we got in there three days a week. He loves it and the teacher is the lady that kept him some days last year.
  4. My job goes well. The university's priorities are changing and I never seem to have time to get to everything, but we always need tech support. I still enjoy it, and definitely can't complain.
  5. We got DSL not long ago and are seriously enjoying this. Hopefully we'll get over the novelty of watching House episodes whenever we want sometime soon. Stephen has discovered Scooby Doo. We also recently got the "Old School" Sesame Street DVD's from Netflix. Stephen kind of liked Sesame Street the few times he's seen it, but he watched two episodes of the old early 70's shows and talks about letters and numbers all the time now. Go figure. Maybe they're not so bad for "today's kids" after all.
  6. My roommates (apartment-mates?) from my senior year at Clemson all got together recently. We had a blast (or at least I did) and I'm sorry we haven't done this more often. It's been a while since I've had that kind of geeky fellowship.
We'll try to get better at updates...

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Brian said...

Hey, who are you calling geeks? Oh wait, never mind. :)