Friday, September 05, 2008

Half-way childless

Kristy went to Greenville with the kids yesterday to go to a big consignment sale there (she did well - maybe she'll post on her finds). She and Lydia came back today and Stephen is staying the weekend with my parents. I'm sure they're having a grand time. It certainly is quiet around the house now.

Kristy and I are just quiet people. Where did Stephen come from? The other day I was thinking about this during supper. Stephen would hum a bit, then say some nonsense, then ask a question, then tell me Something Important, then hum some more, then more nonsense, etc., etc. It was actually a bit exhausting to listen to and made me wonder how he's able to eat with all that going on.

But then, last night when everyone besides me was gone, it actually got too quiet. I suppose I'm used to it all by now.

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