Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stephen funnies

Two Stephen stories:

1. Stephen's good sense of direction: Two weeks ago, Lee was sick, so the kids and I went to church on our own. To save a little time, I went the back way (it's really curvy so we only go when we're unusually late - see Oct. 12 post). I had never driven this way to church, but it's pretty straightforward, but I have NO sense of direction - ask anyone who's ridden with me.

I came to a T-intersection and had to choose right or left. Beforehand, I felt I should be going left, but was unsure.
Me: Stephen, do you know which way is the way to church?
Stephen: Daddy goes that way (pointing to the right), when we come this way to church.
I turned right and sure enough, he was right. Thankfully, he has taken after Lee in that regard.

2. It has probably been time for us to start transitioning Stephen out of night-time pull-ups for a little while. I suppose we're trying to avoid the extra middle-of-the-night work that may produce. Anyway, tonight, we're trying no pull-up. Lee bathed Stephen tonight, and I heard Lee explaining to Stephen what we're doing. Afterward, Stephen ran downstairs and said, "Mommy, guess what I'm wearing!" He wiggled around a bit & said, "It's not crunchy..."
Perhaps he'll be excited enough to make it work.

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Kelley said...

Graham and I very much enjoyed story #2. Diapers do crackle a bit but I haven't thought of them as being crunchy. :-D