Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lydia Walks!

Lydia finally took two steps without holding on to anything, and it was completely by accident. She's been more interested in standing and cruzing along the couch lately, but definitely was not interested in letting go with both hands.

Here's how it happened. Yesterday evening, I was watching her for a bit while she was playing. She got her little chair and sat in it for a minute. Then, she got out, scooted over to her musical toy, stood and started playing (she prefers to stand to play it and see the lights). She then pushed it over toward her chair and moved so she could sit in her chair and play (pretty sharp, I'd say!). Of course, while she played, she pushed it away, so she would alternately stand and sit. Eventually, she pushed the toy far enough so she couldn't reach it after she sat down and stood up again. She looked at it, wiggled a little, then took two quick little steps and made it to the toy! Yay! I didn't get to see Stephen's first steps, so this was lots of fun for me.

She's also been very happy this week. I wonder if she's excited about how much more mobile she's getting. She's also able to say a few somewhat recognizable words. Thank you is "kain-koo" and she says it whenever anyone gives something to anyone else. Ma-ma and da-da are more clear now. She expresses her preference for one of us to put her to bed - very clearly I might add.

My little girl is growing up.

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Christi said...

Oh yay! There is no stopping her now! :-)