Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stephen Throw-ups

I'll just summarize...

Amount of sleep I got last night: 4.5 hours total

Complete sets of bedding (sheets/blanket/comforter/pajamas) that need laundering: 3 (includes the sleeping bag)

Loads of laundry: to be determined

Special Blankets we went through: 2 (first one just came out of the dryer)

Amount of pizza Stephen ate for supper: not sayin'

A pitiful Stephen getting back in bed and saying "Thank you daddy for cleaning my bed": absolutely priceless

Yesterday was a long, tiring day at work and today promises to be the same. However, on the drive home yesterday I reflected on it and realized I still love my job. The same can be said for last night (including the long and tiring part). Sure, I'd love to get some sleep back, but being a daddy is terribly important and even cleaning up the mess can be rewarding. That doesn't change the fact that I'm going to Java City today for coffee.

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Christi said...

Sorry he's not feeling well. I hope he's back to his normal self soon!