Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lydia Communicates

A few evenings ago, Lydia started using a bit more communication. She'll say "ma-ma," "da-da," and "see-see" which means passie. But, Kristy has also worked on hand signs with her. She's now regularly using "more" at dinner. She'll also use it when reading books - signing "more" when she wants you to read a book again (and again, and again...). She's also started using "please" more when she wants something, though I'm not sure if she thinks it is interchangeable with "more."

That evening, we had Blue Bell ice cream (Homemade Vanilla -mmmm) and she's picked up on when we have dessert. She made her "mmm! Mmmm!" noises and pointed to Kristy's ice cream. Kristy gave her a little taste - not surprisingly Lydia bounced a bit as she ate out of delight. After that bite, she pointed to the ice cream, then to her mouth, then made the "more" sign. Pretty good, huh?

She's also aware of what we're saying. Yesterday, she found a ketchup packet in the refrigerator and walked over to me and gave it to me. I then gave it back (that's how you play the game) and told her to give it to mommy. She hesitated, but then turned around and walked over to Kristy and gave it to her.

Also, there's a line in one of her books: "clap your hands." She now starts clapping her hands whenever we read that line.

It is so much fun to watch her (and Stephen) grow.

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