Monday, August 03, 2009

10 Reasons The Past Few Days Were A Disaster

  1. Kristy has been feeling awful
  2. Lee caught the nasty fever/ache sickness
  3. Stephen also got the nasty fever/ache/throwup sickness
  4. We discovered the throwup part while in the car
  5. Lee skidded into a ditch while trying to assist with the throwup part
  6. No adult felt up to cleaning up the car until a day later
  7. We missed the first day of Stephen's soccer camp today (he probably wasn't up for it anyway)
  8. Lee neglected to purchase everything needed for our planned supper
  9. Kristy didn't figure that out until after starting dinner
  10. Lee broke our pyrex measuring cup while trying to fix something else
The moral of the story: sometimes you have to give up, laugh, and go to Subway


Andy P said...

Oh no. That sounds extremely unfun. Here's hoping you all feel better.

Kierstyn said...

Wow. Sounds like a good Subway day, indeed!