Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today's Checklist

Let's see how today went
  • 1:30 am - get up with kids who are scared with the power out - check
  • 8-ish am - get up with kids for breakfast, take care of sick Kristy - check
  • lazy morning watching Gummi Bears - check
  • keeping the laundry going - not really
  • fix lots of different things for lunch for the kids that they don't eat - check
  • drive 45 minutes to the nearest splash pad - check
  • fun time wearing out the kids - check
  • take pictures - nope, didn't bring camera
  • drive back, listening to Paws & Tails (the kids liked it) - check
  • stop for a "snack" at McDonalds and prove that daddy is a sucker - check
  • put Lydia down for a nap - check
  • mow yard - check
  • shower and put self down for a nap - check
  • be thankful Kristy is feeling better and making supper - double check
Hmmm...not bad.

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