Monday, February 14, 2005

Pre-Parenting Counseling?

Being a fairly new parent, maybe I'm a johnny-come-lately to this idea. Why don't we offer pre-parenting counseling in the church? My wife and I got some great pre-marital counseling (which was the policy at the PCA church where we wed), and I think our marriage got off to a much better start than we would have otherwise because of it.

Parenting is analogous to marriage in many ways: 1) huge life change, 2) major spiritual committments, 3) can be very stressful, and 4) you know at least a few months in advance before it happens (to name a few). I've regularly felt quite inadequate and perhaps poorly informed of what to expect as a parent. Yes, our extended families and the informal network of folks in our church that we talk to about parenting has been helpful. But, the advantage of structured pre-counseling is that the counselor can cover all the bases and apply those to my wife and me as individuals (and as a particular, unique marriage) BEFORE we even have the child.

Maybe this is actually widely done, but the (very few) PCA churches I've been involved in don't seem to do this.

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Mark said...

That's a good idea.