Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First Things

We've been here in Cullowhee, NC for nearly two weeks now. The new job is going well - at least as well as a new job can go. I think I've already been useful, so that's good and important to me. The folks here at WCU have been VERY friendly and pleasant. I need a bookcase and a lockable file cabinet, but my office is nearly moved in. We've gone through most of those "First Things" such as new driver's licenses, e-mail account, etc.

I don't think I've ever really taken over a job from another specific person, so that's been new - to understand what my predecessor did and how I can at least fulfill those responsibilities. I am in an odd place - I'm not the computer tech, nor a professional education expert. I'm right in between those things in this job, with enough fluency in each to connect them as needed. I suppose that's what systems engineers do best! (apologies to Tigger)

Another first thing is that this is the first job I've had that didn't have a definite end point (unless you count bagging groceries). After a co-op, graduate assistantship, and a post-doc, it's strange to think I could actually settle in to this for some time.

I also have a PDA for the first time in my life. I've seen people ruled by their PDA and didn't like the sight. First thing I did was turn the sound off. Still, it's hard not to play with a cool new toy!

So, to all our friends - we are settling in well. We're very much looking forward to Thanksgiving visits with family here.

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