Thursday, November 16, 2006

Last Things

Well, we're here in North Carolina. Having just gone through it, I'm reflecting on the move, particularly the leaving Texas part. Kristy and I kept saying things in our last week in Texas like "this is the Last Time we'll _____." Fill in with worship at Westminster, eat at Freebirds, drive to campus, etc. It was a bit difficult to realize, even with the house and my office packed up that we were simply not going to be back in Bryan, TX for some time.

When we moved to Bryan, we knew my job was limited by the grant and would end at some point. It actually made me hesitatnt to put down roots and make friendships at first. But, it happened anyway - you just need those connections. We've loved our Aggie friends and miss them greatly - especially as we now have to start that process over.

One final thought. You know how in movies and TV shows that things happen instantaneously? For example, a conversation ends and the telephone immediately rings to bring on the next event. Driving east for two days in a UHaul truck made me think about all that "boring" time in between. Our family just had to spend all that time driving and it was really uneventful. Also, you just have to spend all that time unpacking boxes to get your house in order (we're getting there). It made me think about how much I desire instant gratification, and I suspect that comes from how much media I take in. Maybe our switch back to dial-up from DSL at home is a good thing.

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Krajca Family said...

You guys were the topic of converstation at Theresa Hubley's wedding shower last night. None of us could seem to remember exactly where in NC you guys had moved to, and all feared that you were in the path of the tornado. But, at least we knew you didn't live in a mobile home! :-)

We miss you guys so much! We praise God for his provision is your lives, but are still saddened that you had to move. But, we know you will be blessing the people there as much as you blessed us!

Love to you all!