Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I love the mountains

Subject says it all. I really enjoy where we are in the world. I've generally lived in this area and I do love actually living in the Appalachians. For example, we had SNOW last weekend (Saturday before Easter) and this past Sunday. SNOW. In the middle of April.

Even in the dead, brown time of winter, the mountains have their own beauty. Kristy and I were discussing why mountains are beautiful. Kristy, being the insightful one, said it was because they are so majestic. I must agree - they are so large, so grand that it humbles us. We drive over a mountain to get to church in Franklin, and it really is surprising how the views can take so many forms depending on time of day, season, and weather.

On a very sad note, the fruit crops were nearly wiped out from the frost this year.

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