Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Having a girl!

We had the big ultrasound yesterday! Everything is fine, and I'll have pictures posted as soon as they're scanned.
Stephen came, too and actually paid attention most of the time. He liked the dark room and the equipment, of course. When we were told the baby's a girl, he was as pleased as Lee and I were. He had talked about having a boy more often and even spread that around church a few weeks ago, but he never seemed too opinionated, thankfully...


Hannah D A said...

Congratulations Nickles family! How exciting! So, does she have a name yet? I know it's kinda early, I mean, you just found out she's a girl. And I can't remember if you all tell the name or if you wait until after the baby is born. I would love to know, so that when I pray for her, I can pray for her by name. But if not, that's ok too. :) We love you and miss you. Congratulations again!

Krajca Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Break out the pink, the rollers, the bows and the dresses!! I'm so very excited for all of you. Girls are so much fun, full of fun, words, and lots of drama.

Most of all, I'm just so thrilled that she's healthy and that you're doing well Kristy!

We miss you guys so much!


Kristy said...

She almost has a name, but we've decided to wait and tell the name when she's born this time around. Sorry Hannah, but thank you for your prayers!!
We're missing all you Texas friends too :)

dmwells92 said...

Ya!!!! That's great! I am so happy for y'all. I bet that Stephen will be a great big brother! :)