Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best of Summer

Now that summer is "over," I feel like I should post some pictures I had intended to post over the past months.

Here is Stephen supervising Lee building their sand castle.

Stephen's favorite part of building sand castles was filling the bucket with water, immediately dumping it, and running back for more.

Cute beach pictures

We also made several trips to go swimming in his grandparents' pool in SC. We did have swimming lessons here at WCU, but our camera was out of commission, so no pictures. He was never too keen on putting faces in the water, but other than that he loved it!

Around the time we moved, Lee took Stephen to see Thomas in nearby Dillsboro. They didn't get to ride this year, but there was lots of fun to be had. There was a petting zoo, a table set up with trains, model trains to watch, etc.


Beth said...

Sooo cute! :) Thanks for the recipe. For some reason facebook won't let me write on anyones walls right now.

Hannah D A said...

Stephen is getting so big. What a cutie!