Sunday, May 18, 2008

Family Update

Greetings all! We apologize for the long length between blog posts. Here’s the quick update:
  1. Kristy and Lee had a nasty diarrhea bug. We started within hours of each other a few Saturdays ago. The kids didn’t get it, but we couldn’t keep up with both of them. So, my parents took Stephen for most of the week (thankfully). I recovered slower than Kristy (I missed church and 4 days of work), but we’re both much better. Apparently it’s been going around.
  2. The semester is over at WCU, so Lee gets to work on longer-term goals. For the nerds out there, I’m learning ASP.NET (in VB) and how to interface with a database through that.
  3. WCU hires a carnival near the end of the semester and we took the family to that. Stephen (and the rest of us) had a good time. I rode the Ferris wheel with him and though I was afraid I would have to put the “daddy death grip” on him, he was very good. The funnel cake was pretty good too.
  4. We took Stephen and Lydia to their first baseball game. Clemson came to play WCU, so we wore our orange. It was a good game and Clemson won. We also met some Clemson folks, including a fraternity brother of mine (he was after my time).
  5. Kristy’s boss has asked us to consider having her come in three mornings a week instead of the current two. We’re trying to figure out the childcare for that to see if we can make it happen.
  6. The search for a dean for our college failed – the provost didn’t pick any of the candidates invited for final interviews. So, I don’t know who I’m going to report to as of July 1. We don’t even have an interim dean picked. AND our associate dean is stepping down. Whatever happens, there will be a significant change in leadership.
  7. For our Texas friends – in spite of the gas prices, we’re still trying to figure out a trip out there to visit. We’ll be in touch.


The Dannels said...

How about stopping by to say hello in Arkansas? We would be willing to meet you in Little Rock or somewhere along I-40. Let us know what you think. Love to you all.

Kierstyn said...

Thanks for the update!

Looking forward and hoping to see you soon!