Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday/Father's Day Weekend

It's been a fun birthday/father's day weekend here in the Nickles household. We went to Greenville to see my side of the family. We swam in the pool and Lydia took to the water very quickly - much faster than Stephen. She's been in a patting/slapping various surfaces and objects kind of mode lately, so that was just right for some small splashing in the water. My dad, Stephen, and I went Saturday morning to see a model train show. A good time was had by all there.

Saturday afternoon Kristy and I went to see Prince Caspian. I HIGHLY recommend it. Although I tend toward being a "purist" when converting books to movies (I'm still miffed about Faramir' character & the Galadrim showing up at Helm's Deep) the changes were good. Fleshing out Peter's character & growth made for a more interesting thread to the story. The four Pevensie children were much more skilled actors than last time (and I thought they were good then). Anyway, do go see it, but expect a movie "based on" the book (not an exact interpretation, but not just "inspired by" either).

Then the usual Nickles Family Gathering for summer birthdays. It was fun and we all stuffed ourselves.

Today was good too. Kristy made breakfast (my usual job so that was a nice break). We had good fellowship at church and then had lunch on the porch. This afternoon we realized how tired we all were after the weekend, and three of us had naps. Stephen did not and indeed we had some meltdowns. He finally went to bed (amongst many tears) but hope a long sleep tonight will help him feel better tomorrow.

While I was writing the above, we heard a loud thump from upstairs. Stephen apparently fell out of bed WHILE ASLEEP. He stayed asleep while I put him back in bed. Poor kid!

Pictures will follow soon.

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Kierstyn said...

Happy birthday! And Father's Day!

Glad you guys had such a great weekend.

And poor Stephen! He must have really been out of it to fall out of the bed and stay asleep. Such a sweetie!