Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dad is home and fine

Greetings all - my dad is back from the hospital and doing well. Surgery was Thursday and the doctor said it went as planned. He was in lots of pain Friday and was loopy from the morphine. He's stubborn enough to continue to push to get better and he came home around 11:00 am today.

We certainly praise God for all this.

He's still healing but is off the super pain drugs and just on regular prescription pain drugs. The family has been great, as have our friends here in Greenville. I plan to return home tomorrow; I just want to make sure all is well this night and help mom if needed.

Kristy took the kids to her parents' house for the weekend. I understand that Stephen is coming back with a light saber and a guitar. Oh boy. At least it's not cymbals. Since he turned 4 he will now get to have all my old legoes, and that will be fun to build with him AND see what he builds on his own.

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