Sunday, October 12, 2008

Long-Distance Church & Throw Ups

There's a number of disadvantages to going to a church that's 40 minutes from our house. I can think of several but one was quite apparent yesterday. On the drive to church Stephen said his tummy hurt. Ok, I thought, maybe he's a little carsick since I took the curvy road (saves about 5 minutes). When I get to a good spot, we stopped and got him resituated in his seat. He said he felt better, so we went on to church. We got there and as soon as I walked in the door with him, he threw up all over. We ran to the bathroom and did some more. (Need to find a good dry cleaner BTW, since he got my blazer) Since he got his clothes pretty good, we got back in the car and went home.

Stephen is fine by the way - we think he just ate too much in Greenville this weekend and got too wild playing Saturday night. He was his normal self all Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, that 40 minute drive (while VERY pretty this time of year with the fall colors) was mighty long with a sick boy. Also, that means none of us get to go to church, since we can't get home and send a smaller contingent back in time for worship.

Yet, I have strong convictions about where we hold our membership. Our family is reformed, calvinist, and presbyterian. We have been members of the PCA since we were married and I love the denomination (for all our faults). I also love RUF and want to see it firmly established at WCU. I would certainly consider a church in NAPARC. And, I would NOT want to join a non-denominational church - Scripture indicates the connectional nature of the Church and I would not want to give that up, nor the oversight of higher levels. But then, it's one thing to live in Greenville, SC where you can find multiple churches of nearly any presbyterian flavor you want, and another to live in Cullowhee, NC where all the scots-irish seem to have switched to baptist and methodist long ago. I realize such constraints leave me with little choice right now, but we will go with that rather than move on those constraints.


Kelley said...

Isn't it the truth that Greenville has zillions of churches.

fergus said...

I don't know what to say about your church situation, but it sounds to me like your real problem is that you need to find some special healing for Stephen.

I hear Benny Hinn can help.


Lee said...

I doubt Benny Hinn wants to lay his hands anywhere near that.

And...don't mind me much...I'm just griping about the drive.

Brian said...

Dry cleaning for suit: $10.
Gas for an 80 minute round trip: ~$3.50/gal
Open door policy at the Methodist church: priceless.

Andy P said...

40 minutes is a long way!

Given any thought to a house church model (say meeting 3 Sundays a month for worship on a smaller, more localized scale) or a church plant? I ask for your health and cause I think more good Presbyterian churches in WNC is a fine idea.

Lee said...

To Brian: he he!

To Andy: Yup - there is some interest in a church plant in the area so I hope and pray in that direction.

Andy P said...

Very cool!