Monday, May 28, 2007

Creation Museum Opens

In case you haven't heard, the new Creation Museum has opened today in northern Kentucky. The museum presents the young earth creationist view (a.k.a., literal 6-day view) in very high-tech, nearly theme-park ways. I understand it addresses dinosaurs regularly and depicts them as living alongside humans.

Speaking to my fellow Christians, I realize people come down on different sides of dating the earth. If we disagree on this, it does not bar me from full, joyous fellowship and worship with you.

From a very big picture perspective, there are things that the old earth and young earth views accommodate and things they must address. The old earth view offers an explanation for fossil & geological evidence and the apparent age of the universe; however, it must address the use of the word "day" in context of being numbered and identified with a morning and evening in Genesis 1. The young earth view accommodates the text by taking it to mean 6 literal 24 hour days; however, it must address the fossil & geological evidence along with the apparent age of the universe. My point is that Answers in Genesis (parent of the Creation Museum) is addressing these issues of the fossil & geological evidence (see: Noah's Flood) and the age of the universe with this museum (and other publications).

Others may have other emphases or items to address, but these were the main points of difference in my struggle with the issue.

Full disclosure: I'm a charter member of the Creation Museum.

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