Thursday, May 31, 2007

House Hunting Part 1

This morning, we saw seven houses. Whew! Out of those, we've narrowed it down to 2 - maybe 3.

Finalist #1:
Pretty good location; wish the road were better. By far the least expensive of all we saw.
What Stephen liked: toys, dune buggy, and trampoline.

Finalist #2:
Brand new house! Good location.
Stephen's comment: "There's nothing in it..." He rang the doorbell about 15 times.

Finalist #3 (maybe):
Large house, lots of painting to do, not much yard, kitchen is on the SECOND floor (I'm thinking about groceries and small children.)
Stephen's reaction: I had a hard time keeping up with him in this house, so I didn't hear much. I think he liked the stairs though, especially the ledge along the wall (yikes!). Oh, and the flamingo in the flower bed.

I used to think I wanted a big house to have plenty of room to spread out and store "stuff." But I have not been used to large spaces with Stephen - he was in exploring mode, so it was a little more difficult than usual to know where he was, etc. As I look more at expenses (in buying and maintaining), I see that I can be content with a smaller house. We'll see what God provides!
Our next step: Lee's dad has offered to look at houses with to help us cover all the things to think of. I guess we'll go from there.


Krajca Family said...

KRISTY!!! HI!!!!

Okay, I'm clamer now. :-)

I like them all! And I'm so excited for you guys. You're going to have a busy year... a new house, a new baby... such fun!

If I got a vote in all this, I think I like #1. It's cozy and homey looking!

Miss you guys bunches!!! Feel free to move back any time! :-)


Kristy said...

Kierstyn, we're actually leaning toward #1 more and more. That low price tag has a lot of pull along with it being completely redone...
Thanks for your vote!