Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nominated for Deacon

Yes indeed, I have been nominated to the office of Deacon at Emmanuel. I'm very honored to be considered. I look forward to the training and (Lord willing) serving in this capacity.

I'm curious to find out how different this will be from being an elder. They are two offices with different functions. We'll also have to see how this works out with being about a 40 minute drive from the church. The Distance Deacon? iDeacon? eDeacon? Can a deacon telecommute? Still, in our church's desire to reach out to the college students here at WCU, I think in the grand scheme it would be great to have both deacons and and elders (maybe someday) in the area. To build on a previous post, you just can't replace being there in person.

I think my favorite statement about the office is that "deacons clean up after the elders." (source not given to protect the innocent)

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Michael said...

Hmmm, I wonder who you heard that quote from?!? ;-)