Thursday, June 15, 2006

Career Change?

For the better part of the last decade I desired to be a university professor. Since early in grad school, my career related decisions have been made to point me in that direction. However, the professor job search for this hiring season didn't result in such a job (I can try again next year before funding runs out for my current position). Also, I will interview soon for a position that is not in the ivory tower of academe. It's certainly not a bad job and may be a good fit for me (there are many good reasons to take it if it is offered), but it's not where my heart has been set for some years.

I've thought much about this and have wondered if God grants me this job, why would He take away my dream? Why would He let me seek after this desire for years and pursue it in every career choice only to suddenly send me on a different road?

And so I complained in my heart against the God who created me and sustains me, who gave me my wife and son, who gave me the great job I have now, who gives me good health, who had me born into a family that loves me, who has put me in churches and with Christian friends that have helped me grow, who strengthened me to get through a PhD, who gave me my breakfast this morning, who loves me enough to sacrifice His own Son in my place, and who is my sovereign king and lord.

Praise God that He convicted me quickly to stuff the complaining and submit to His gracious providence. Praise God that He is good and that His love endures forever. Have troubles today? Think about who God is.

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