Friday, June 09, 2006


After several months of training, I recently stood for election to the office of ruling elder at our church - Westminster PC. I was elected by the congregation and will be ordained this coming Sunday.


I've been praying about this for many years, but here it has finally come to fruition. God has also ordained that I would not get an academic job this year (as I had hoped), and so we will stay here in Bryan for another year. This actually gives me more time to learn about "eldering" with folks I know, so this is good.

The training process was interesting and I learned a great deal, so I'll be writing more on that and some of the books I read in the coming days.

One thing that struck me as odd is that I actually feel different. That's only happened a few times in my life at major transitions, such as high school to college, marriage, the birth of Stephen, and a book or two I've read. I didn't even get that sense with my PhD (though a story in itself). So much of life is gradual change (hopefully growth), but going from non-ordained to ordained officer in the only organization that is eternal...I suppose the Holy Spirit has very much impressed this on me.

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