Friday, June 16, 2006

Elder Training: Part II

Not surprisingly, the great bulk of our training was on theology. Now, understand that I was raised in the church, have gone to Sunday School and worship nearly every Sunday of my life, went through RUF all four undergraduate years (small and large groups), have taught Sunday School, read the whole Bible a few times, and read theological books on my own. So, theology shouldn't be a problem, right?


Even with God's gracious preparation, I can hear Yoda say "Much to learn you still have." As for the training, we basically walked through the Westminster Confession of Faith mostly in order, discussing the parts and especially how we in the PCA differ from other branches of Christianity. We also discussed some controversies and where the PCA gives latitude on some issues. Sometimes I'll read a book or be in a study and think "I know this, but it's good to be reminded." More often during officer training I thought "Whoa, that's a tough question, and I need to be able to answer it." Sadly, it takes the structure of a class like this to get me to slow down, reflect, and examine how much I really understand.

At any rate, our group had a good struggle and learned much from each others' insights.

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